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What is a Parked Domain? Benefits of Parked Domains Names

What is Parked DomainParked Domain is one of the most trending terms in the hosting industry. In traditional hosting, we have seen that a single domain is required to host a website online. But still, there are additional names, URLs that point to the same page. The same role is played by the parked Domain. 

What is Parked Domain? 

Parked domains are the aliases or the additional domains point to the primary domain only.
For example, is a parked domain that points to When you searching for, is accessed by the user the website is displayed.Same as the primary domain even a parked domain has to be registered from a registrar before using it.

The Benefits of Parked Domains :

  1.  You will not lose any traffic due to misspellings in the domain, For example, the primary domain is But generally, people are acquainted with a website having extension So here you will not lose the traffic either way.
  2.  We are aware of the rate at which the domain names are going extinct So the parked domain can be used to save a domain name and later sell it at a better profit.
  3.  The same domain name can be registered as another Top Level Domain and use it for future hosting.
  4. Use this parked domain to send messages and emails to your primary domain.
  5.  Domain parking is very easy to set up and completely free.
  6.  Earn money by advertising: aligned with the domain name and in the language of the visitors to your page.
When a technique has numerous advantages it also has drawbacks too let’s discuss the

Disadvantages of the Parked Domain

  1. No control over the usage of the domain.
  2. While we try to make handsome income out of parked domain then you might also see the parked domain gets hidden identity by significant advertisements.
  3. If a domain is parked for a longer time then the domain will lose its authenticity and be full of ad content only, Further, on removal, the domain cannot be used as expected/ normal ways.

How to add a Parked Domain?

Now since we are clear about the parked domain and its uses, let us explore more and know how to add a parked domain. To add a parked Domain login to your Cpanel and go to the parked domains section under the Domains menu,
  1. Log in to cPanel and click the Parked Domains icon.
  2. In the box to the right of New Domain Name, provide the domain name for which you would like to park on top of your primary domain.
  3. Click Add Domain.

Deleting a Parked Domain

When you wish to remove the parked domain so that it doesn’t connect to the primary domain, you can delete the domain by logging in to Cpanel and following the steps
  1. Navigate to the “Domains” section of the page and click on the “Parked Domains” icon.
  2. In the new menu, scroll down to the section that’s labeled as “Remove Parked Domains
  3. select the parked domain you want to delete and click on the “Remove” button.
The Round-Up
If your web hosting provider uses cPanel, then you can easily add the Domains > Aliases section. Can add any domain you own as an alias to your account. This is a quick and simple way of setting up parked domains for whatever purpose you might require.So, you can see that domain name parking is a very simple concept and it is also something you can do very easily yourself too.

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