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Top 7 Benefits of Reseller Hosting

benefits of Reseller Hosting

Planning to set up an own Web Hosting company of your brand?

Starting your Hosting Business with Reseller Hosting is actually a good Kick start for your Entrepreneurial journey as it eliminates the high-end investment costs. Reseller Hosting is one of the cost-effective ways to start your own business and to be a Boss of it. Excellent way to get an additional source of income with low upfront investment.

If you have plans to become a reseller host or to start to Own Web Hosting company of your brand know what exactly is Reseller Hosting and its benefits.   

Reseller Hosting

One of the options in Web Hosting services is Reseller Hosting, where Hosting Provider(ResellBox) allocates some Hard Disk and bandwidth to Small Business Owners(Reseller’s of Resellbox), who then rents the same space to third parties (Entrepreneurs Startups).

Hosting Provider >> Small Business Owner >> Startup OwnersTo term simply, utilizing web hosting services from the parent company (ResellBox) and selling it to your clients as your own hosting service.

Top 7 Features & Benefits of Reseller Hosting

1. White-label Hosting Solution:

Brand your Web Hosting company with the hosting provider services unknown to your client (also known as “white label”).

2. Low-cos investment: With minimal cost start purchasing hosting services in a bulk and make money by upselling those products.

3. Upper hand than the basic plans:

Have additional features as access to your customers’ data like billing, contact details and account status.

4. Revenue Generation:

Scale and Price your web hosting service plans to bill your customers any price you want.

5. Customized Plans: Design tailor-made web hosting solutions to your clients with customized reseller hosting plans.

6. Personalized Panels: Ensure to have a state-of-the-art control panel that makes managing your reseller business with ease.

7. Free end-user support: Troubleshooting customer will be the responsibility of your host, not yours. You don’t have to worry about complicated server issues as the technical support department of your host will handle all those.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting


If running a Web Development/ Web Design Business, you should even provide Web Hosting services to your clients. Get hosting services with today and set up your brand of reseller hosting company of your own with minimum cost!
Reseller Hosting is one of the most cost-effective ways to start a Web Hosting business with a low-cost investment. With renting a Server / VPS from the Hosting provider like ResellBox one can generate lucrative amount from thousands to billion annually.

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