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1. Terms of Service

Welcome to ResellBox Terms of Service, know before you buy our ResellBox Services.


This segment narrates the eligibility criteria we require from all of our users. When you register to use our Services, we need to make sure that you are able to legally contract with ResellBox. Furthermore the section explains about individual responsibility for account security including all use of the Services through your User account, whether or not you are authorized.


  • ResellBox Services are intended solely for Users who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Any registration, use of or access to the Services, by anyone under eighteen (18) is unauthorized and is a violation of this Agreement.
  • If you use our web hosting Services on behalf of another party you agree that you are authorized to bind such other party to this Agreement and to act on such other party’s behalf with respect to any actions you take in connection with the Services.
  • It is your responsibility to provide accurate, current, and complete information on the registration forms of ResellBox, including an email address that is different from the domain you are signing up under. If there is ever an abuse issue or we need to contact you, we will use the primary email address we have on file. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact information for your account, including any domain accounts is accurate, correct and complete at all times. We are not responsible for any lapse in the Services, including without limitation, any lapsed domain registrations due to outdated contact information being associated with the domain. If you need to verify or change your contact information, please contact our sales team via email or update your contact information through the our billing and support system. Providing false contact information of any kind may result in the termination of your account. For dedicated server purchases or in certain other cases, you may be required to provide government issued identification and possibly a scan of the credit card used for verification purposes. Failure to provide the information requested may result in your order being denied.
  • You agree to be fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that take place through your account. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password and other information related to the security of your account.
  • Company Content Except for User Content (as defined below), all content available through the Services, including designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, software, audio and other files, and their selection and arrangement, and all software used to provide the Services (collectively, “Company Content”), are the proprietary property of the Company or the Company’s licensors. Company Content may not be modified, copied, distributed, framed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, scraped, displayed, posted, transmitted, sold or exploited for any purpose in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, other than as expressly permitted in this Agreement. You may not, directly or indirectly, reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code or other trade secrets from any Company Content. Any use of Company Content, other than as specifically authorized herein, is prohibited and will automatically terminate your rights to use the Services and any Company Content. All rights to use Company Content that are not expressly granted in this Agreement are reserved by the Company and the Company’s licensors.
  • User Content You may upload, store, publish, display, and distribute information, text, photos, videos and other content for your website on or through the Services (collectively, “User Content”). User Content includes any content posted by you or by users of any of your websites hosted through the Services (“User Websites”). You are solely responsible for any and all User Content and any transactions or other activities conducted on or through User Websites. By posting or distributing User Content on or through the Services, you represent and warrant to us that
    • You have all the necessary rights to post or distribute such User Content, and
    • Your posting or distribution of such User Content does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party.
    Solely for purposes of providing the Services, you hereby grant to the Company a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to:
    • Use, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display, modify, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part), publish and distribute User Content; and
    • Make archival or back-up copies of User Content and User Websites. Except for the rights expressly granted herein, the Company does not acquire any right, title or interest in or to the User Content, all of which shall remain solely with you.
  • We exercise no control over, and accept no responsibility for, User Content or the content of any information passing through our computers, network hubs and points of presence or the internet. We do not monitor User Content. However, you acknowledge and agree that we may, but are not obligated to, immediately take any corrective action in our sole discretion, including without limitation removal of all or a portion of the User Content or User Websites, and suspend or terminate any and all Services without refund if you violate the terms of this Agreement. You hereby agree that the Company shall have no liability due to any corrective action that we may take.


ResellBox reserves the right to cancel the account at any time. Customer acknowledges that a minimum of 12 days cancellation notice prior to the following renewal term must be given in writing to ResellBox or the Customer will be responsible for full payment of the following term.

  • Cancellation request must be submitted to the Administration department.
  • Cancellation request must be submitted from the main email address on file with ResellBox.
  • Cancellation request must contain the main IP address of the server you wish to cancel.
  • Cancellation request must contain a valid reason.



ResellBox gives you full refund on first 30 day Moneyback guarantee on all the Web Hosting services like Shared Hosting, Business Hosting and WordPress Hosting except VPS Hosting, Dedicated servers and Cloud servers. Payment made for Domain registration, Product Addons, Management Services DO NOT come under refund policy, domain name can be transferred to client after 60days of the subscription. Accounts Suspended/Canceled/Terminated by ResellBox DO NOT qualify for our “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. This also includes accounts suspended for TOS violations, in which the customer decides not to fix the violation. Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For example, if you’ve had an account with us before, canceled and signed up again, you will not be eligible for a refund or if you have opened a second account with us. The Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee applies on only first service ordered, does not apply on second or other multiple services ordered in future. Additional/Advance/Credit funds payment made by the client for future months do not include in refund policy. The client holds sole responsibility for making the advance payments towards the services. In case client chooses to cancel all the active services and still the funds remain in the client credit system. Client can only utilize the credit funds for the future service orders and ResellBox will not be liable to refund such amounts. Free Domains are available for the life of the Hosting Package. If a customer cancels at anytime ResellBox will require full payment for the cost of the domain of the first year to retain ownership of the domain. Any refund requests will automatically minus the cost of the free domain. A Description about Anytime Money Back Guarantee.


ResellBox services are get renewed automatically on your renewal date to ensure uninterrupted service. Unless otherwise provided, you agree that until and unless you notify us of your desire to cancel the Services, you may be billed, but we are not obligated to bill you, on an automatically recurring basis to prevent any disruption to your Services, using your credit card or other billing information on file with us.


You are required to comply with applicable law and have certain obligations with respect to their use of the Services. You are also required to cooperate with us and utilize hardware and software that is compatible with the Services. In addition, you are responsible for the security of your account and its content, as well as for maintaining a backup of your content and promptly removing any malware from your account.


You agree to supply appropriate payment for the services received from ResellBox, in advance of the time period during which such services are provided. You agree that until and unless you notify ResellBox of your desire to cancel any or all services received, those services will be billed on a recurring basis. Billing of the activated service will be charged from the day of service provision. ResellBox reserves the right to change the monthly payment amount and any other charges at anytime. ResellBox generates invoice of the services 12days before due date. And Invoice payment reminder is sent 7days prior to the due date. ResellBox will be charging 10% late fees to any overdue invoices of the services after 1day of due date. Customer acknowledges to clear the total overdue invoice, along with the late fees charged. In case, you are not able to pay the due invoice, due to unavoidable circumstances like being out of station, Payment Gateway Account Limited, Credit Card Expired Etc., In such cases client needs to inform our billing department with prior notice on delay payment and requesting to remove late fees applied. ResellBox holds sole right to accept or deny the request.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment information is up to date, and that all invoices are paid on time. You agree to pay for the Services in advance of the time period during which such Services are provided. Subject to applicable laws, rules, and regulations, at our sole discretion, payments may be applied to outstanding invoices in your billing account.

Unless otherwise provided, you agree that until and unless you notify us of your desire to cancel the Services, you may be billed, but we are not obligated to bill you, on an automatically recurring basis to prevent any disruption to your Services, using your credit card or other billing information on file with us.

Advance Account.
If you maintain a credit balance, we will deduct from the credit balance when you purchase products or services from us. If the credit balance is insufficient for processing the order the order may not be processed. Any negative balance in the Advance Account will become immediately payable. If you do not correct a negative balance in your account within 24 hours, we reserve the right to terminate the Services with immediate effect and without any notice.

  • Taxes.
    Listed fees for the Services do not include any applicable sales, use, revenue, excise or other taxes imposed by any taxing authority, unless otherwise provided. Any applicable taxes will be added to your invoice as a separate charge to be paid by you. All fees are non-refundable when paid unless otherwise stated.
  • Late Payment or Non-Payment.
    Any invoice that is outstanding may result in the suspension or termination of Services. Access to the account will not be restored until payment has been received. If you fail to pay the fees as specified herein, we may suspend or terminate your account and pursue the collection costs incurred by the Company, including without limitation, any arbitration and legal fees, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. We will not activate new orders or activate new packages for customers who have an outstanding balance on their account.

Dedicated servers are subject to being reclaimed and all content deleted if you fail to make a timely payment. You have five (5) days from the expiry date to pay the outstanding amount due for a dedicated server. After 5 days, the data on the dedicated server will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


  • Domain registrations. No refunds will be given once a domain is registered.
  • Domain Renewals. You can manage domain renewals in your control panel. Domain renewal notices are provided as a courtesy reminder and we are not responsible for any failure to renew a domain or failure to notify about a domain renewal. No refunds will be given once a domain is renewed.


It is a violation of this Agreement for you to misuse or fraudulently use credit cards, charge cards, electronic funds transfers, electronic checks, or any other payment method. We may report any such misuse or fraudulent use, as determined in our sole discretion, to governmental and law enforcement authorities, credit reporting services, financial institutions and/or credit card companies.


If you have any questions concerning a charge on your account, please reach out to our billing department for assistance.


The Company reserves the right to change prices, the monthly payment amount, or any other charges at any time. We will provide you with at least thirty (30) days’ notice before charging you with any price change. It is your sole responsibility to periodically review billing information provided by us through the user billing tool or through other methods of communication, including notices sent or posted by us.

Discounts and coupon codes are reserved for first-time accounts or first-time customers only and may not be used towards the purchase of a domain registration unless otherwise specified. If you have previously signed up using a particular domain, you may not sign up again for that domain using another coupon at a later date. Any account found in violation of these policies will be reviewed by our Sales department and the appropriate charges will be added to the account. Coupon abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension or termination of your account. All coupons and discounts are only valid towards the initial purchase and do not affect the renewal or recurring price.


CPU, Bandwidth and Disk Usage Permitted CPU and Disk Usage. All use of hosting space provided by ResellBox is subject to the terms of this Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy. Shared hosting | Wordre space shall only be used for:

  • Web files;
  • Active email; and
  • Content of User Websites.

However, Shared hosting space may not be used for any activity not listed above, including but not limited to:

  • Storage of media, emails, or other data as determined by the service providers; or
  • Offsite storage of electronic files, email or FTP hosts;
  • Gaming server; or
  • To store over 100,000 files; or
  • Run MySQL queries longer than 15 seconds; or
  • Use more than 50% of your website’s disk space for storing emails. Notwithstanding the above, your email storage cannot exceed 10 GB of disk space used by your Hosting order, even if it is within the aforesaid 50% of your website’s disk space. or
  • Use more than 5 GB or lesser based on the offering per database. We expressly reserve the right to review every shared account for excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources which might affect the stability, performance and uptime of our servers, storage and network that may be caused by your violation of this Agreement or the Acceptable Use Policy or otherwise.

If you are in violation of the above, we may, in our sole discretion require you to upgrade your package, or move to a VPS or Dedicated server (depending on which package would meet your needs) or terminate access to the Services or remove or delete User Content for those accounts that are found to be in violation of this Agreement and other policies. Please note, Dedicated and VPS usage will be limited by the resources allocated to the specific plan that you purchase.


Bandwidth usage is unmetered on shared and cloud hosting services. Additionally, specific limits on the services have been mentioned on the product that you purchase, which include but are not limited to Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Email hosting. If we encounter any website/package/order/customer consuming more than 25% of the system resources for more than 90 seconds which might affect the stability, performance, and uptime of our servers, storage and network, we may require to you upgrade your package, or move to a VPS or Dedicated server, or we may take action to restrict the bandwidth or other resources applicable for your website/package/order/account.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company, our affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (each an “Indemnified Party” and, collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, actions, demands, proceedings (whether legal or administrative), and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees) threatened, asserted, or filed by a third party against any of the Indemnified Parties arising out of or relating to

  • Your use of the Services,
  • Any breach or violation by you of this Agreement; or
  • Any acts or omissions by you. The terms of this section shall survive any termination of this Agreement.


ResellBox offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance periods as outlined in our Maintenance Policy. The Maintenance Policy is available at Server Maintenance Policy.


Your use of the Services is at your sole risk. the Company does not maintain backups of dedicated accounts or the Services purchased by you. You should not rely on the Company for backup. It is solely your responsibility to maintain backups. the Company is not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for all files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on the Company’s servers.


ResellBox reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice. Questions? Please feel free to Contact Us for any clarifications regarding this agreement, preferably before signing up.

2. Acceptable Use Policy

Comply with the spirit of ResellBox Acceptable use policy

ResellBox has established an Acceptable Use Policy in order to make these duties and responsibilities more clear. This document is intended to provide a general understanding of ResellBox’s Acceptable Use Policy. The following factors guide the establishment and enforcement of ResellBox’s usage policies:

  • Ensure reliable service to our customers.
  • Ensure security and privacy of our systems and network, as well as the networks and systems of others. Comply with existing laws.
  • Maintain our reputation as a responsible service provider.
  • Encourage responsible use of the Internet and discourage activities which reduce the usability and value of Internet services.
  • Preserve the value of Internet resources as a conduit for free expression and exchange of information.
  • Preserve the privacy and security of individual users.


You may not use the Services to publish content or engage in activity that is harmful to others or illegal under applicable law. Any content that, in our judgment, violates our Terms of Service, including this AUP, in any manner may be removed from our servers (or otherwise disabled), with or without notice. Examples of prohibited content and activities can be found in this section.


  • ResellBox., (“the Company”) maintains a zero tolerance policy for use of its network in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any bulk e-mail, including unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (“SPAM”). You may not use any our services or network to send SPAM. In addition, e-mail sent, or caused to be sent, to or through our network may not:
    • Use or contain invalid or forged headers;
    • Use or contain invalid or non-existent domain names;
    • Employ any technique to otherwise misrepresent, hide or obscure any information in identifying the point of origin or the transmission path;
    • Use other means of deceptive addressing;
    • Use a third party’s internet domain name, or be relayed from or through a third party’s equipment, without permission of the third party;
    • Contain false or misleading information in the subject line or otherwise contain false or misleading content;
    • Fail to comply with additional technical standards described below;
    • Otherwise violate the Company’s terms and conditions.
  • The Company does not authorize the harvesting, mining or collection of e-mail addresses or other information from or through its network. the Company does not permit or authorize others to use its network to collect, compile or obtain any information about its customers or subscribers, including but not limited to subscriber e-mail addresses, which are the Company’s confidential and proprietary information. Use of our network is also subject to our Acceptable Use Policy, Policy Statement and Terms of Use and Notices.
  • The Company does not permit or authorize any attempt to use its network in a manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair any aspect of any of our services, or that could interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of any the Company product or service.
  • We monitor all traffic to and from our servers. Customers suspected of using the Company’s products and services for the purpose of sending SPAM will be investigated. It is the Company’s policy to immediately remove and deactivate any offending web site sending SPAM.
  • Customers may be asked to produce records that verify that explicit affirmative permission was obtained from a recipient before a mailing was sent. The Company may consider the lack of such proof of explicit affirmative permission of a questionable mailing.
  • Customers are prohibited from maintaining open mail relays on their servers. Ignorance of the presence or operation of an open mail relay is not and will not be considered an acceptable excuse for its (the open mail relay) operation.
  • Customers are prohibited from providing hosting services for websites that have been included in SPAM. Hosting includes, but is not limited to, hosting website(s), providing DNS services as well as website redirect services.
  • If the Company believes that unauthorized or improper use is being made of any product or service, it may, without notice, take such action as it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, including blocking messages from a particular internet domain, mail server or IP address. The Company may immediately terminate any account on any product or service which it determines, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected with any e-mail that violates this policy.
  • The Company reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel permanently any and all services provided to a User without any notification. If a Customer is in violation of any term or condition of this SPAM Policy, the Acceptable Use Policy, User Agreement or uses of our services to disrupt or, in the Company’s sole judgment, could disrupt the Company’s business operations, the Company reserves the right to charge such Customer an administrative fee equal to $10000 per each piece of SPAM sent.
  • To report an incidence of SPAM, please send an email to [email protected]
  • Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right to transmit or send e-mail to, or through, our network. Failure to enforce this policy in every instance does not amount to a waiver of the Company’s rights.
  • Unauthorized use of the Company’s network in connection with the transmission of unsolicited e-mail, including the transmission of e-mail in violation of this policy, may result in civil and criminal penalties against the sender and those assisting the sender, including those provided by state and federal laws.


We respect that the Internet provides a forum for free and open discussion and dissemination of information. Accordingly, we generally do not screen, monitor or control customer content. However, if we are made aware of content that violates the law or this AUP, we will consider the matter and take appropriate action as determined in our sole discretion balancing the merits of the complaint with the right to freedom of expression.


We may terminate your Services with or without notice upon any violation of this AUP. This section describes how we may enforce this AUP.


If you feel you have discovered a violation of our AUP, please review this section to learn about our reporting procedures.

Prohibited Uses:
a. No Illegal or Harmful Use – You may not use the Services to publish content or engage in activity that is harmful to others or illegal under applicable law , including without limitation in connection with any of the following illegal, harmful or fraudulent activities:

b. Unacceptable Material

  • Scam Sites (ex: Ebay/Paypal,CC/Password Scam sites)
  • Mail bombers or any sort of spam sites
  • IRC Bots
  • Warez Sites
  • Hate Sites
  • Roms / Emulators
  • Pirated Software
  • Proxies
  • Hack programs and archives
  • Malicious Scripts
  • Spamming ( Includes Forum Spamming, Black Hat Scripts )
  • Tobacco products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons (including without limitation, knives, guns, firearms or ammunition)
  • Satellite and cable TV descramblers
  • Pornography, adult material, material which incites violence, hatred, racism or which is considered obscene
  • DOS/DDOS Attacks Scripts (Booters, Botnet, PortScanning, Shell, Stressing Testing etc.)
  • IP Spoofing/ARP attacks
  • Port Scanning, Brute Force Attacks
  • Government IDs and licences including replicas and novelty items and any counterfeit products.
  • Unlicensed or illegal lotteries or gambling services (including without limitation the use of or participation in illegal gambling houses).
  • Unregistered charity services Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activities.
  • Prepaid debit cards or other stored value cards that are not associated with a particular merchant and are not limited to purchases of particular products or services.
  • Third party processing or payment aggregation products or services.
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid selling or ponzi schemes, matrix programmes or other get rich quick schemes or high yield investment programmes.
  • Goods or services that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • Un-coded/miscoded gaming.
  • Timeshares or property reservation payments (On and Off Plan).


Any activity on our network that is a violation of any state or federal law is a violation of this policy and will result in immediate termination of service. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: Transmitting obscene materials or child pornography. Intentionally spreading or threatening to spread computer viruses. Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any network, including ResellBox’s private network infrastructure Accessing or attempting to access information not intended for you. Transmitting pirated software. Conducting or participating in illegal gambling. Soliciting for pyramid and other illegal schemes.


  • Images (including on banner ads) of nude models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in ResellBox’s sole judgment),
  • Sexually explicit images (including on banner ads) of models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in ResellBox’s sole judgment); or
  • Sites containing language promoting child pornography together with any sexually explicit or nude images. As required by federal law in the United States, ResellBox will forward all offenders of this policy to the appropriate federal agency.

Reporting violations of this AUP. If you feel you have discovered a violation of our AUP please complete the Report Abuse form, or email us at [email protected].

3. Privacy Policy

ResellBox prides itself on protecting your privacy and supporting a safe online experience.

ResellBox Privacy Policy outlines the information we collect and how we use it. ResellBox is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),and any other relevant data protection regulations that may apply in the regions we operate in. By using the ResellBox website, you consent to the data practices described in this Privacy Policy.


We collect information from you in order to deliver services that you purchase and to monitor and improve the customer experience on our website. The data collected may include your name, email address, postal address, telephone number(s), and billing information such as credit card numbers. It may also include marketing preferences, survey and contest responses, and information you provide through online chats, telephone calls, and support tickets with us.If you are registering on behalf of your organization, your company’s name, mailing address, and other company information, as deemed necessary for the purpose of providing services. As is true of most websites, we automatically gather information about your computer such as your IP address, browser type, referring/exit pages, and operating system, geographic location, pages you view, Your telephone conversations with us, social networking sites, Information you provide from surveys ResellBox services are intended for business use, and ResellBox does not knowingly market to or collect personal information from people under the age of 18.


ResellBox collects and uses your personal information to operate the Our website, to deliver the services you have requested, and to inform you of other products or services available from ResellBox and its affiliates.

  • To provide the requested Services to you;
  • To provide you with useful content;
  • To ensure the proper functioning of our Service
  • To offer and improve our Services;
  • To provide you with requested information or technical support
  • To facilitate your movement through our websites or your use of our Services;
  • To do a better job of advertising and marketing our Services (our use of your information to do this is performed with your consent where required by applicable law);
  • To advertise and market third party products and services (such advertisement is only performed with your permission where your consent is required by applicable law)
  • To diagnose problems with our servers or our Services;
  • In connection with our security and compliance programs;
  • To administer our websites;
  • To communicate with you;
  • To target prospective customers with our products or services (such targeting is only performed with your permission where your consent is required by applicable law);
  • To assist us in offering you a personalized experience or otherwise tailor our Services to you; and
  • As otherwise described in this privacy policy.

We also use the information we receive in aggregated and anonymized formats to produce reports on trends and statistics, such as mobile search trends, email open rates by industry, campaign best practices or the number of users that have been exposed to, or clicked on, our websites or evaluated or purchased our products and services. We also use recorded telephone conversations for quality control purposes, to train our employees and for our own protection. Payment information that you provide to us, including credit card data, will only be used to facilitate payment for our products and services.


We will share your personal information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this privacy statement. We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may provide your personal information to companies that provide services to help us with our business activities such as shipping your order or offering customer service (such as utilizing our ‘Live Chat’ feature). These companies are authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us. We may also disclose your personal information:

  • As required by law such as to comply with any legal process.
  • When we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.
  • If ResellBox is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website of any change in ownership or use of your personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal information.
  • To any other third party with your prior consent to do so.


The security of your personal information is important to us. When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card number or net banking details etc.) while filling order forms, you are redirected to the website of payment gateway, which has its own Privacy Policy and it shall be presumed that before completing the process of payment you have carefully gone through the Privacy Policy of the Payment Gateway. We do not receive any detail regarding your credit card, bank account, debit card etc. from the payment gateway or otherwise. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have any questions about security on our website, you can contact us at [email protected]


Technologies such as: cookies, beacons, tags and scripts are used by ResellBox and our business partners, affiliates, or analytics. These technologies are used in analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking users’ movements around the site and to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. We may receive reports based on the use of these technologies by these companies on an individual as well as aggregated basis. use cookies for our shopping cart, to remember users’ settings (e.g. language preference) and for authentication. Users can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject cookies, you may still use our site, but your ability to use some features or areas of our site may be limited. As is true of most websites, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. This information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and/or clickstream data. We may combine this automatically collected log information with other information we collect about you. We do this to improve services we offer you, to improve marketing, analytics, or site functionality.


You may choose to stop receiving our emails by logging into your account and update your notification selections or you can contact us at [email protected] We enable you to create an account, and share information such as messages, offers and requests with others. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter(s), we will use the email address you used to register to send the newsletter to you. Out of respect of your privacy, you may choose to stop receiving our newsletter or marketing emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in these emails, accessing the email preferences in your account settings page or you can contact us at [email protected]


Our website includes widgets, which are interactive mini-programs that run on our site to provide specific services from another company (e.g. displaying the news, opinions, music, etc). Personal information, such as your email address, may be collected through the Widget. Cookies may also be set by the Widget to enable it to function properly. Information collected by this Widget is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it. Our website offers publicly accessible blogs & community forums. You should be aware that any information you provide in these areas might be read, collected, and/or used by others who access them. To request removal of your personal information from our blog or community forum, contact us at [email protected] In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why.


We display personal testimonials of satisfied customer on our site in addition to other endorsements. With your consent, we may post your testimonial along with your name. If you want your testimonial removed please contact us at [email protected]


To ensure the accuracy of your information, you may change/update personal information by logging to your account or by contacting us directly at [email protected] You may change/update your contact information except email ID and country. To change email ID, you are required to follow the process and provide necessary information as sought, by contacting our billing/support staff or by raising ticket from registered email ID only mentioning purpose. We don’t permit the client to change country. However, it is only possible when you are shifting your business location to different country and for that, you need to share all required details sought by us.


We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at [email protected] We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.


We may update this privacy statement to reflect changes to our information practices. We encourage and advice you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.


You can contact us about this privacy statement by writing or email us at the address below:

#73, 3rd Floor, Shreelekha Complex, WOC, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560086

4. ResellBox DMCA policy

Because we care, we’re security aware

Your security is our priority. ResellBox may, in fitting conditions and at its watchfulness, impair as well as end the records of clients who might be reiterating infringers. The “DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT” is intended to make submitting a notification of supposed encroachment to us as direct as could reasonably be expected while lessening the quantity of notification that we get that are fake rather hard to comprehend or check On the off chance that you trust that your work has been replicated in a way that establishes copyright infringement or your licensed innovation rights have been generally abused, it would be ideal if you give ResellBox Copyright Agent the accompanying data:

  • An electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the benefit of the proprietor of the copyright or other protected innovation intrigues;
  • A portrayal of the copyrighted work or other licensed innovation that you guarantee has encroached;
  • A depiction of where the material that you guarantee is encroaching is situated on the site;
  • Your location, phone number, and email address; An announcement by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the debated utilize isn’t approved by the copyright proprietor, its specialist, or the law;
  • An announcement by you, made under punishment of prevarication, that the above data in your Notice is exact and that you are the copyright or licensed innovation proprietor or approved to follow up on the copyright or protected innovation proprietor’s benefit
  • ResellBox agent for notice of cases of copyright or other licensed innovation encroachment can be reached to as follows:

By Certified Mail:

M/s Apeiron Global Pvt. Ltd.,
Email: [email protected] | Website:


We are completely confident on our services.

Absolutely no uncertainty in trying our services as our plans are covered with Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee.
Be relaxed and start your Business right away.

We understand your concerns. You might be thinking- If I buy the plan and don’t like it then? Be Risk-Free with our Anytime MoneyBack guarantee. The main thing is we are sure that once you sign up, you will never intend to cancel the plan and we are confident about this. In rare circumstance, if you think we are not your best choice then take your money back without any trouble. We want our customers to be happy forever. We know that in today’s era it is extremely impossible to evaluate the quality of the hosting service without analyzing it so we have this “Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee”. We are also assured that once you seek our services, you will never consider separating from us as we are confident on our qualified professional team.


The detailed description explaining ResellBox Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee

  • We provide a wide range of affordable plans which suits everyone’s pockets. If you violate the agreement of the ResellBox then you are not qualified to receive any refund from us.
  • Once you cancel the account, you will receive your full refund if it is within 30 days of sign up or cancel anytime for a prorated refund of unused service after 30-days. It’s just really very simple and fast process.
  • Anytime MoneyBack Policy applies to only services, which are subscribed outside the Ongoing Discounts of a website. In case you have subscribed Hosting service with the discount available on the website, you are not eligible for Anytime Moneyback Policy.
  • The service fees do not cover any applicable sales, usage, income, excise or other taxes imposed by any taxing authority. The charges will be added to your invoice instantly and you should pay it distinctly. All fees are non-refundable once paid.
  • Free Domain Registration Promotions, the regular enrollment price of the domain is subtracted from the refund amount on cancellation. You will retain ownership of the domain. In case the refund amount does not qualify regular enrollment price of the domain, ResellBox will propose the invoice for settling funds to be paid and once the invoice is paid, you can claim the ownership on the domain.
  • For domain registration, no refund will be provided once the domain is registered.
  • Domain renewals are completely managed by the customer through the control panel provided by ResellBox. Domain renewal notifications are sent but in case it is not notified then we do not hold the responsibility for domain renewal notification failure and no refund will be granted once the domain is restocked.
  • The customer is eligible for a full refund for the Hosting services within the 30days of sign up. Please note that this refund does not include any add-on services which you’ve signed up.
  • Only first sign-up is eligible for the refund. If you signed up and terminated the service and then signed up again then you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • We hold the complete right to terminate your account if
    • A. You did not pay due fees
    • B. You violate ResellBox agreement
    • C. Your demeanor may harm the company or other members of the company
    • D. In the above cases, we will not pay you any refund and it turns out to be direct termination from our services.

If we disappointed you at any point in time unintentionally, then we apologize. Please bring it to our notice – Contact Us


We guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. If in any given month we fail to meet this guarantee a ResellBox customer is eligible for a credit on their current Hosting account.


  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • All requests must be submitted within 5 days of the reported downtime.
  • All requests must contain a ticket # of the service interruption.
  • You must submit a ticket through our helpdesk to the billing department.

SLA Credit will be generated as follows based on your monthly Renewal Price: Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit.


  • Internal services such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.
  • Scheduled downtime or planned maintenance.
  • Interruption of service due to unpaid invoices, abuse notifications and violations of TOS.
  • ISP or local connection problems.
  • Customer-controlled downtime.
  • Acts of Force Majeure.
Note : This SLA is subject to change at the sole discretion of ResellBox and will be updated on the web site. Any changes made to this SLA will take effect 5 days after it is published.


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8. Reseller Agreement

ResellBox – Be your own BOSS

This Reseller Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made, worked into and executed on the date on which you electronically agree to the Agreement (the “Effective Date”), by and among you (“Reseller”), The supporting ICANN-authorize recorder (“Registrar”) recognized in the WHOIS record. The Company and Reseller might be assigned to separately as a “Party” and collectively as the “parties.” WHEREAS, the Registrar creates Customers’ Domain enrollments, renewals, and transfers utilizing the Registrar’s certification (“Registration Services”); WHEREAS, the Company gives Reseller Services and plays out all functional, support and managerial functions identifying with such Reseller Services, including Registration Services; and WHEREAS, Reseller wishes to buy and exchange Reseller Services. Presently, THEREFORE, toward and with regards to the shared guarantees, advantages and contracts contained thus and for other great and important consideration, the receipt, sufficiency and adequacy of which are thusly recognized, the Parties, proposing to be lawfully bound, therefore approve as follows:

  • “Business Day” refer to a weekday, Monday through Friday, excluding all India or U.S. public holidays as pertinent.
  • “Confidential Information,” as utilized in this Agreement, will mean all information, data and materials including, without impediment, PC programming, information, data, databases, conventions, reference usage, documentation, useful and interface particulars, given by the Company to Reseller under this Agreement, regardless of whether composed, transmitted, oral, through Registrar Website or something else, that is marked as “Confidential” or that by its temperament and matter, it is sensible to accept is confidential and restricted.
  • “Advance Account” means to the equalization of funds kept up by Reseller with the Company in the Reseller Program.
  • “Controller” will be described as it is under the GDPR.
  • “Client” alludes to the immediate or roundabout client of Reseller.
  • “Expenses” refers to the payment dues to the Company as per each Order.
  • “gTLD” refers to the top level domain(s) of the DNS appointed by ICANN compliant with a vault understanding that is in full power and impact and does exclude any nation code TLD (“ccTLD”) or internationalized domain name (“IDN”) country code TLD.
  • “ICANN” is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  • “Order” alludes to a Reseller Service bought straightforwardly or by implication by a Reseller, as per this Agreement.
  • “Individual Data” will be information about any distinguished or recognizable regular individual.
  • “Processor” will be characterized all things considered under the GDPR.
  • “RAA” is the Registrar Accreditation Agreement entered into by ICANN and Registrar, or one of Registrar’s partnered organizations.
  • “Registered Name” is an domain name inside the domain of a gTLD or ccTLD, comprising of at least two dimensions (e.g.,, for which a TLD Registry Operator (or a partner or subcontractor thereof occupied with giving library administrations) keeps up information in a database worked by the Registry Operator, organizes such support, or gets income from such upkeep.
  • “Registered Name Holder” is the proprietor of record of a Registered Name as recorded in the Whois record.
  • “Registrar Website” refer altogether to [] and [BRAND SITE].
  • “Registry Operator” is the individual or element in charge of giving registry administrations to a particular gTLD or ccTLD.
  • “Reseller Contact Details” alludes to the name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and website(s) of Reseller that Reseller gives to Registrar.
  • “Reseller Program” alludes to any of the Company’s present reseller programs which furnish Resellers and its Customers with immediate or circuitous utilization of the Company’s servers, programming, interfaces, items and API and outsider items, as of now portrayed or later altered, and any reseller programs to be offered by the Company later on.
  • “Reseller Services” alludes to all items and administrations which the Company is giving, rendering, or offering straightforwardly to Reseller or which Company makes accessible to Reseller for resale to Customers as relevant in accordance with this Agreement, including yet not restricted to the Registration Services.
  • “Service providers” alludes exclusively and collectively to any outsider that the Company may, straightforwardly or by implication, draw in, utilize, re-appropriate, or contract with for the satisfaction, arrangement, or buy of Reseller Services and some other administrations and tasks of the Company, and will have indistinguishable rights from the Company to the degree required to perform administrations as per the terms of this Agreement and as approved by the Company.


  • In accordance with the Whois Accuracy Specification Program issued by ICANN, Registrar will check the email address of the Registered Name Holder by sending an email to the Registered Name Holder requiring an agreed reaction from the Registered Name Holder which must be returned in a way assigned by the Registrar. Such check must happen inside fifteen (15) days of enrollment, transfer, or alteration of the Registered Name Holder’s Whois contact data. In the event that the Registered Name Holder neglects to confirm the email address, Registrar will suspend the Registered Name. In addition, inside fifteen (15) timetable days in the wake of getting any progressions to the Whois contact data identified with any Registered Name supported by Registrar, Registrar will endeavor to approve such change.If by chance the Registered Name Holder neglects to check the contact changes, Registrar will suspend the Registered Name.
  • Compliant with the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (the “ERRP”), Reseller will send expiration renewal reminders to the Registered Name Holder through email and should suspend administrations to the domain upon termination according to the ERRP.
  • The Company explicitly reserves all power to deny any Order or withdraw any Order inside thirty (30) days of processing. In such case, the Company may refund the expenses charged for the Order, subsequent to deducting any processing charges for the Order.
  • Despite anything actually, the Company explicitly maintains whatever authority is needed to, without notice or discount:
    (i) Get to, erase, suspend, deny, drop, change, block, break down, duplicate, reinforcement, divert, log use of, screen, limit access to or of, take responsibility for, exchange any Order;
    (ii) Erase, suspend, freeze, or modify Reseller’s access to Reseller Services;
    (iii) Distribute, transmit, share information from any Order with any individual or element, or contact any person related with an Order, to regain any installment from Reseller for any administration rendered by the Company including Reseller Services identified with this Agreement for which Reseller has been advised and asked for to dispatch installment;
    (iv) Distribute, transmit, share information from any Order with any individual or entity, or contact any entity related with any Order in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy, or
    (v) Correct any errors related with any Order, incorporating with handling or executing any Order, with retroactive impact.
  • In case an Order has terminated, is suspended, or if a Registered Name does not contain substantial data to guide it to any purpose, the Company may divert any Registered Name to any Internet Protocol (“IP”) address including, without constraint, to an IP address which has a stopping page or a business web index for adaptation purposes (“Redirection”); provided in any case, Reseller may quit such Redirection by giving the Company composed notice; gave, further that Company may perform any activity, including Redirection or disturbance of a website page as required under ICANN’s Expired Registration Recovery Policy. Reseller recognizes that the Company does not control and can’t screen the substance on any diverted website page, including that the content encroaches any legitimate rights, including however not restricted to, intellectual property rights or abuses some other rights or any applicable guideline, direction or law. As needs are, Registrar explicitly renounces any obligation or harms caused specifically or in a roundabout way by such redirection.
  • The Reseller Services are liable to trade control and economic sanctions laws,, principles, directions as well as Executive Orders controlled or upheld by the United States Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), Department of State, and other United States specialists (collectively, “U.S. Trade Laws”). You may not utilize the Reseller Services to export or re-export, or allow the export or re-export, or programming or specialized technical data in violation of U.S. Trade Laws. Likewise, by utilizing the Reseller Services, you speak to and warrant that you are not
    (a) An individual, association or substance sorted out or situated in a nation or region that is the objective of OFAC endorses as might be refreshed now and again (counting Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea or the Crimea district of Ukraine);
    (b) Assigned as a Specially Designated National or Blocked Person by OFAC or generally claimed, controlled, or following up for such an individual;
    (c) Otherwise a prohibited party under U.S. Trade Laws; or
    (d) Occupied with atomic, missile, chemical or biological weapons exercises to which U.S. people may not contribute without a U.S. Government permit. Unless otherwise provided with explicit written permission, the Company additionally does not enlist and precludes the utilization of any of the Reseller Services regarding, any Country-Code Top Level Domain Name (“ccTLD”) for any nation or region that is the objective of OFAC sanctions. The commitments under this segment will endure any end or termination of this Agreement or your utilization of the Reseller Services. The Company may end any Reseller or Customer account that the Company decides, in its sole carefulness, is infringing upon any U.S. Exchange Laws.
  • Registrar may use all data vital from any Orders to conform to the information escrow deposit requirements set up by passage 3.6 of the RAA and some other arrangements and systems built up by ICANN identifying with information escrow stores.


  • Reseller must operate into a paper or electronic registration agreement(“Customer Domain Registration Agreement”) with each of its Customers generously like the Domain Registration Agreement. The Customer Domain Registration Agreement will contain all provisions and notification required by the RAA and any pertinent ICANN Consensus Policies, including, however not restricted to the following:
    • Reseller will be required to submit to Registrar precise and reliable contact details for any Registered Name and to address and update such contact details inside seven (7) days of getting any notice of such change between the term of any Registered Name enrollment. For motivations behind this area, contact details include: full name, postal location, email address, phone number, and fax number, if accessible, of the Registered Name Holder; name of authorised person for contact purposes if the Registered Name Holder is an association, organization, or corporation; and the information components recorded in RAA Subsections, and
    • A Registered Name Holder’s willful arrangement of mistaken or suspicious information or inability to renew data gave to Registrar by means of Reseller inside fifteen (15) days of accepting a request from Reseller or Registrar concerning the precision of contact details related with the Registered Name Holder’s enrollment will comprise a material separation of the Customer Domain Registration Agreement among Customer and Reseller and will be a reason for suspension as well as cancellation of the Registered Name enrollment.
    • Any Registered Name Holder that intend to permit license of a domain name to an outsider is, in any case, the Registered Name Holder of record and is in charge of giving its own full contact data and for providing and updating precise technical and managerial contact data adequate to encourage to facilitate resolution of any issues that emerge regarding the Registered Name. A Registered Name Holder permitting utilization of a Registered Name will acknowledge obligation for any damage brought about by unfair utilization of the Registered Name, except if it unveils the present contact data given by the licensee and the personality of the licensee inside seven (7) days to a party providing the Registered Name Holder reasonable proof of noteworthy damage.
    • Reseller will tell each new or renewed Registered Name Holder of, and will get consent for, each one of the following:
      • The reasons for which any Personal Data gathered from the Customer are required;
      • The expected beneficiaries or categories of beneficiaries of the information, including the Company and the Registry Operator and other people who will get the information from Registry Operator;
      • Which information is mandatory and which information, if any, are willful; and
      • How the Registered Name Holder or information subject can access and, if essential, correct the information held about them.
    • Enrolled Name Holder will represent that notice has been given proportionately to that depicted in RAA Subsection to any third-party whose Personal Data are provided to the Company by the Registered Name Holder, and that the Registered Name Holder has acquired equal agreement to that alluded to in RAA Subsection of any such third-party individuals.
    • Resellers concur that it won’t process Personal Data gathered from the Registered Name Holder in any way incompatible with the reasons or restrictions expressed in its notice to the Registered Name Holder supplied as per RAA Subsection
    • Reseller concurs that it will avoid potential risk to shield Personal Data from loss, abuse, unapproved access or exposure, modification, or obliteration.
    • Registered Name Holder will represent that, to the best of the Registered Name Holder’s knowledge and confidence, neither the enrollment of the Registered Name nor the way in which it is straightforwardly or in an indirect way diffuses the lawful privileges of any third party.
    • For the mediation of question concerning or emerging from the utilization of a Registered Name, the Registered Name Holder will submit, without prejudice to other probably appropriate jurisdiction, to the locale of the courts (1) of the Registered Name Holder’s house and (2) where Registrar is situated.
    • Registered Name Holder will agree that its enrollment of the Registered Name will be liable to suspension, cancellation, or exchange according to any ICANN detail or policy, or as per any registrar or registry method not conflicting with any ICANN determination or strategy: (1) to address mistakes by Registrar or the Registry Operator in enlisting the name or (2) for the resolution of question concerning the Registered Name.
    • Client will repay and hold harmless both Company and Registry Operator and every one of its chiefs, officers, employees, and specialists from and against any cases, harms, liabilities, expenses, and costs (counting sensible lawful charges and costs) emerging out of or identified with the Registered Name Holder’s space name enlistment.
    • Reseller will distinguish the registrar of record when asked.
    • Reseller will require its Customers to agree to ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy and Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS).
    • Reseller will require its Customers to consent to expressly approve Registrar to go about as assigned specialist to declare a difference in registrant on behalf of the earlier registrant and the new registrant, steady with the necessities of ICANN’s Transfer Policy.
    • Reseller and Customer will concur that the Company will be a determined third-party beneficiary to the Customer Domain Registration Agreement.
  • Reseller concurs that Reseller Services under this Agreement might be made accessible to a Customer only after the Customer goes into a legitimately official agreement which is no less defensive of the Company than this Agreement and which contains same commitments on the Customer contained in this as material to Reseller. Reseller recognizes and concurs that Reseller will be in charge of guaranteeing every client’s consistency with pertinent terms and conditions, incorporating regarding Section 3, and will be in charge of any risk coming about because of Customer’s rebelliousness with such terms and conditions.
  • Reseller will recognize the supporting enlistment center upon request from Customer.
  • Reseller will consent to any ICANN-embraced Specification or Policy that builds up a program for accreditation of suppliers of intermediary and security enrollment benefits (an “Intermediary Accreditation Program”). Among different highlights, the Proxy Accreditation Program may require that:
    (i) Proxy and security enrollment administrations may just be given by individuals or entities authorize by ICANN according to such Proxy Accreditation Program; and
    (ii) Registrar disallows Resellers from purposely tolerating enlistments from any supplier of intermediary and protection enrollment benefits that isn’t licensed by ICANN as per the Proxy Accreditation Program. Until such time as the Proxy Accreditation Program is set up, Reseller will consent to the Specification on Privacy and Proxy Registrations.
  • Reseller will visibly show on any site it works for domain enrollment or re-establishment a connection to ICANN’s Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities and will not make any move conflicting with the comparing arrangements of the RAA or appropriate law.
  • Reseller shall perfectly show on any site it works for domain enrollment or restoration a connection to the suitable ICANN site page enumerating Registrant Educational Information.
  • Reseller will not show the ICANN or ICANN-Accredited Registrar logo, or generally represent themselves as authorized by ICANN, except if they have composed authorization from ICANN to do as such.
  • Reseller will be in charge of giving customer support, billing support and specialized help to Customers.
  • Reseller recognizes that in case of any debate or potentially error concerning any information component of any transaction, the information component in Registrar’s records will win.
  • Reseller recognizes that all data about any Customer that Reseller transmits to the Company is conveyed in a way that is sensibly available by the Company.
  • Reseller will not roll out any improvements to any data or setup of an Order without express approval from Customer of that Order.
  • Reseller recognizes that Reseller Services may be gone through Service Providers, and all things considered, changes in structure or contracts may happen, and accordingly, administrations might be unfavorably influenced. Reseller recognizes and concurs that the Company will not have any risk related beside any such event.
  • Reseller agrees to give to the Company total and precise Reseller Contact Details and to refresh any Reseller Contact Details inside seven (7)calender days of any change.
  • During the Term of this Agreement and for two (2) years from that point, Reseller will maintain the accompanying records identifying with its dealings with us, Customers, intended Customers or their agents or approved delegates, in electronic, paper or microfilm shape:
    • All present and past Orders with Reseller, including dates and amount of all payments, discounts, credits, and refund;
    • Client’s acknowledgment of Reseller’s Customer Domain Registration Agreement, including date, time, and Registered Name;
    • All data identifying with the demand for an exchange of a Registered Name to or from Registrar, as per ICANN’s Transfer Policy; and
    • Every composed correspondence concerning Reseller Services.
  • Reseller shall give these records to us inside seven (7) calendar days of our Demand.
  • Reseller represents and warrants to the Company that Reseller will give notice to each new or recharged Registered Name Holder expressing:
    (i) The reasons for which any Personal Data gathered from Customer are expected;
    (ii) The proposed recipients or classifications of recipients of the information (counting the Company, Registry Operator and other people who will get the information from Registry Operator);
    (iii) Which information is mandatory and which information, assuming any, are intentional; and
    (iv) How the Registered Name Holder or information subject can get to and, if fundamental, right the information held about them. Affiliate will acquire assent from the Registered Name Holder for such information preparing.
  • Reseller will follow the Data Retention Specification set up by ICANN. In the occasion, Registrar must demand revelation of any data secured by the Data Retention Specification so as to perform required self-audits or as usually required to comply with a demand from ICANN, Reseller is required to unveil data recognized in the Data Retention Specification inside seven (7) calendar days of Reseller’s request. Any protection arrangement built up by Reseller will uncover the potential utilization of this data in this manner.
  • Reseller will conform to the approval essentials contained in Section 1(a)- (d) of the Whois Accuracy Program Specification Whois Accuracy Program Specification. Reseller will have ninety (90) days from the date of notice by Reseller to consent to the necessities of Section 1(e) of the Whois Accuracy Program Specification.
  • Reseller will conform to ICANN’s Expired Registration Recovery Policy.
  • At the point when asked for by the Company, Reseller will conform to all solicitations for the creation of data to affirm consistency inside the date indicated in the demand. Inability to conform to such a demand will comprise a material break of this Agreement and may result in the end and additionally temporary suspension of administrations in accordance with Section 6 below.
  • Reseller concurs that by utilizing Reseller Services, Reseller also consents to the Company’s Terms and Conditions found here. Reseller will agree to every single other term or conditions set up now and again by the Company, Registrar’s Service Providers, ICANN (counting any necessity for which Registrar must conform to ICANN), as well as Registry Operators.


Despite anything in actuality contained thus, if the GDPR applies to you as well as your Customers, you likewise consent to the accompanying extra terms:

  • For purposes behind the GDPR, you recognize and concur, as for your Customers’ Personal Data, that:
    (i) You and the Registrar are both a Controller of such Personal Data in accordance with Registration Services; and
    (ii) You are the Controller and the Company is a Processor (as that term is characterized in the GDPR) of such Personal Data in accordance with all other Reseller Services that are not Registration Services. You additionally recognize and concur that you are in charge of conforming to all commitments of a Controller under the GDPR.
  • You represent to and warrant that in utilizing the Reseller Services, you will clearly depict in writing with your Customers how you intend to utilize any Personal Data gathered and you will guarantee you have an authentic lawful premise to exchange such Personal Data to us and that you have the essential authorization to enable us to get and process Personal Data and to send correspondences in regards to the preparing of Customers’ Personal Data to Customers for your sake.
  • Controller to Processor. You consent to the terms of the Data Processing Agreement put forward here where you are a Controller and the Company is Processor in accordance with all Reseller Services that are not Registration Services subject to the GDPR.
  • Controller to Controller. You additionally consent to the terms of the Data Processing Addendum put forward here where both you and the Registrar are a Controller in accordance with Registration Services subject to the GDPR.


  • Reseller expresses and warrants that:
    (i) It is a sole owner, organization, or partnership, legitimately existing and on favorable terms under the laws of the state/nation of its home;
    (ii) It has all essential lawful power and specialist to execute, convey and play out its commitments under this Agreement;
    (iii) The execution, performance and conveyance of this Agreement by its officers, employees and agents has been properly approved by Reseller;
    (iv) No further endorsement, approval or consent of any governmental or administrative expert is required to be acquired or made by Reseller with the goal for it to go into and play out its commitments under this Agreement;
    (v) Reseller isn’t infringing upon any U.S. Exchange Laws;
    (vi) Reseller isn’t disregarding any third party’s intellectual, restrictive or different rights; and
    (vii) There is no pending or, to the best of Reseller’s information, undermined case, activity, or continuing against Reseller.
  • Reseller represents and warrants that Reseller does not and will not encroach any protected innovation rights or different privileges of any individual or substance, or does not distribute any substance that is slanderous or unlawful while utilizing Reseller Services under this Agreement. Affiliate further recognizes that the Company can’t and does not screen whether any administrations or the utilization of the administrations by Reseller under this Agreement, encroaches the legitimate privileges of others.


  • The term of this Agreement begins on the Effective Date and proceeds until ended according.
  • Termination
    • Termination Rights. Except if generally gave in this Agreement, the Company may end this Agreement whenever by giving the Reseller thirty (30) days’ composed notice of termination. Any domain enrollments made by Reseller with Registrar during the Term of this Agreement will stay with Registrar except if the Registered Name Holder starts a difference in enlistment center as sketched out in Section 6(c) underneath. The Company may terminate this Agreement whenever, with or without notice, in its sole watchfulness:
      • To ensure the propriety and steadiness of Reseller Services;
      • To follow any pertinent laws, government tenets or necessities, or any material debate goals process; or
      • To maintain a strategic distance from any risk, common or criminal, with respect to Registrar as well as its Service Providers, or their partners, auxiliaries, officers, executives and representatives.
    • Termination for reason. The Company may promptly end the Agreement by composed notice to Reseller on account of any real or potential break or infringement of this Agreement, the Customer Domain Registration Agreement or some other assertions thought about by this Agreement by Reseller or its Customers, including however not limited to any portrayals and guarantees hereunder.
    • Termination for Inactivity. In the occasion Reseller has no transactions for a time of one hundred and eighty (180) successive days and no other Reseller Services bought by Customers, the Company may promptly end this Agreement by composed notice to Reseller.
  • Effect of Termination. Once this Agreement is terminated, Registrar will calculate pending domain enrollments or renewals of domain names handled by Reseller before the date of termination. Quickly upon any end of this Agreement, Reseller will transfer to the Company all data considered fundamental by the Company with respect to the Registered Name Holders. Any domain name enrollments made through Registrar during the Term of this Agreement will stay with Registrar as registrar except if Registered Name Holder starts an enrollment center move in compliance with ICANN’s Transfer Policy and some other relevant exchange strategies set up by ICANN and additionally Registrar Operator. Registrar protects the right in its sole tact to decline to renew the domain and related service supply upon termination of this Agreement.


Reimbursement of Registrar.
Reseller will reimburse, hold harmless, and shield the Company and its auxiliary and parent entities, antecedents, successors, affiliates, and allocates, the Registry Operators, and the majority of their separate present and previous officers, chiefs, individuals, investors, specialists, and workers (by and large, the “Repaid Parties”) from any activities, reasons for activity, suits, procedures, cases, or requests of an outsider and all subsequent decisions, true blue settlements, punishments, harms, misfortunes, liabilities, expenses, and costs, including without impediment, sensible lawyers ‘ charges and costs (each a “Case”), which emerge out of:

  • Your break of this Agreement or any of the Company’s arrangements appropriate to the Reseller Services,
  • The task, enlistment or utilization of an area enrolled by you, or
  • Any careless demonstration or oversight by you.

Repayment of ICANN and Registry Operators. You agree to repay, protect, and hold harmless ICANN, Registry Operator(s) and their separate subcontractors, investors, directors, officers, employees, partners, and specialists from and against all Claims emerging out of or identified with your domain enrollment and any question in regards to the equivalent. Some Registry Operators may not permit this reimbursement arrangement to apply as contained herein, in such cases, this arrangement is as a result to the full degree allowed by law as pertinent to such Registry Operator.


Subject to the arrangements of this Agreement, each Party will keep on autonomously possess its individual licensed innovation, including all licenses, trademarks, trade names, domain names, service marks, copyrights, exchange privileged insights, restrictive procedures and every single other type of intellectuals property around the world, regardless of whether enrolled. Any utilization of and upgrades to licensed innovation will inure to the advantage of, and keep on being possessed by, the Party that claims such protected innovation. Without constraining the all-inclusive statement of the prior, no business use rights or any licenses under any patent, patent application, copyright, trademark, know-how, competitive advantage, or some other scholarly or other restrictive rights are conceded by the Company to Reseller.


  • Resellers concur and recognize that the Company possesses all rights, title and interests worldwide in Registrar’s space database (“Domain Database”), and all data and subsidiary works produced from such Domain Database, including without impediment data identifying with Registered Names, Registered Name Holders, and the Reseller Services provided to you.
  • The Company and Service Providers and their designees/specialists have the right to reinforcement, duplicate, distribute, uncover, use, move, alter, process this information in any frame and way as might be required for consistency with any understandings executed by Registrar to give the Reseller Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


  • The Company maintains the authorization which is needed to alter or stop, temporarily or permanently, Reseller Services with or without notice at any time. The Company will not be obligated to Reseller or to an outsider for any change, suspension or discontinuance of Reseller Services.
  • With the exception generally given in this Agreement, Reseller concurs that, during the Term of this Agreement, the Company may reexamine the terms and states of this Agreement.


  • Utilization of Confidential Information. Reseller’s utilization and exposure of Confidential Information uncovered hereunder are liable to the term and states of this Section. Regarding the Confidential Information, Reseller concurs that:
    (i) Reseller will treat as entirely secret, and utilize every single sensible exertion to safeguard the secrecy and classification of all Confidential Information got from the Company, including actualizing sensible physical safety efforts and working methodology intended to ensure the equivalent, which regardless, will not be less convincing than the measures Reseller takes to secure its own private data; and
    (ii) Reseller Shall make no disclosure at all of any Confidential Information to other people, provided however, that if Reseller is a corporation, partnership, or comparative entity, revelation is allowed to Reseller’s Officers and representatives who have a self evident need to know such Confidential Information, if Reseller will instruct such faculty with respect to the private idea of the Confidential Information and of the systems required to keep up the secrecy thereof. The commitments put forward in this area will be proceeding; given, in any case, that this segment forces no commitment upon Reseller as for data that:
    (x) is revealed after the Company’s earlier composed endorsement;
    (y) is autonomously created by Reseller without the utilization of the Confidential Information; or
    (z) is made commonly accessible by the Company without limitation on exposure.
  • In case of any end of this Agreement:
    (i) All Confidential Information in Reseller’s ownership will be promptly returned to the Company or, at the Company’s sole choice, Reseller will guarantee with regards to the destruction of such Confidential Information;
    (ii) Reseller will give full deliberate disclosure to the Company of all unapproved revelations and additionally unapproved employments of any Confidential Information; and
    (iii) The commitments of this segment will endure such end and stay in full power and impact for a time of five (5) years.
  • Resellers concur that the Company will be qualified to look for all accessible legitimate and fair solutions for the break of this Section 13 by Reseller.


  • Arbitration
    • Besides if you are in India, you additionally hereby consent to the Company’s Arbitration Agreement, which is joined into this Agreement by reference and can be found here.
    • On the other hand, if by chance you are in India, the accompanying arrangement applies to you: a. All debate, disputes, and contrasts emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement, including a question identifying with the legitimacy or presence of this Agreement (“Dispute”) will be alluded to and settled by intervention in Mumbai, India under the arrangements of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996; gave that, to the degree a gathering may languish prompt and hopeless mischief over which fiscal harms would not be a satisfactory cure because of the other party’s break or compromised rupture of any commitment hereunder, such gathering may look for fair alleviation, including a directive, from a court of able locale, which will not be liable to this Section.
  • Governing Law
    Except if you are in India, any debate or case emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement, the arrangement of this Agreement or the rupture of this Agreement, including any case dependent on a supposed tort, will be administered by the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the event that you are in India, any contention or case emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement, the arrangement of this Agreement or the rupture of this Agreement, including any case dependent on a supposed tort, will be represented by the substantive laws of the Republic of India. Despite the prior, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not make a difference to this Agreement.