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Best CMS Platforms to Start a Website

Planning to start a website for your business, but don’t know which CMS platform to choose?This blog post will take you through the 7 most used CMS platforms to launch a website without any hassle. 

What is the content management system (CMS)?

CMS is used to create, manage and modify content on websites. Be it a business or personal website – You need to have a CMS to manage website content.

Let’s drive you through some most used and popular CMS platforms:


WordPress is the most popular CMS platform among all. Currently, there are over 1.3billion websites running on WordPress. The most amazing thing about this CMS is you can install WordPress on any server for free.

Website Designing & Theme

Well, there are many theme vendors available online where you can buy and easily customize themes as per your needs. WordPress is easy to customize using plugins. These plugins are written in the PHP programming language. Using plugins you can extend and add new features to your website.WordPress also has an E-commerce platform which is popularly known as Woo Commerce.


Wix is a cloud-based web development platform. There are more than 6 million monthly active Wix users. It has a drag and drops feature to change images and content layouts. It also has a web-based plugin similar to WordPress. But its plugin library is minimal compared to WordPress.

About web designing.

 The user interface is easy to manage things on your website. You can keep changing layouts often with very few minor edits. You don’t need any coding to build the website. Wix offers competitive pricing for a first-time sign-up. You don’t need to spend any additional budget on hosting since it is already hosted on their cloud platform. 


Squarespace is another platform that is quite similar to Wix, but when it comes to user-friendliness it is handy. There are more than 1 million active websites. It is well known for its sleek website templates. You can simply upload your logo, image, text and publish.

Squarespace is designed for someone who is looking for a website with a sleek design and zero codings. You will also get hundreds of readily available themes.

Squarespace also has an e-commerce platform. But It doesn’t really give you the flexibility to customize pages and layouts like other CMS. 


Joomla! It is used all over the world to power millions of websites of all shapes and sizes. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. You may need to take the help of a developer initially. But once it is done it is very easy to manage. 

If you’re planning to launch a web developing agency then this CMS can act as a tool to build websites effortlessly, as it has a short learning curve, and you will get free training videos that can help you to build websites for your clients in a short time.

 Joomla! It can be helpful in building a larger E-commerce website with no limitations.


Shopify is well known for being an e-commerce platform. More than 4 million e-commerce websites are powered by Shopify. Shopify is built on its own open-source programming language called Liquid.

About user-friendliness

You can customize the website easily by editing a few liquid code templates on your own. It has its own community of merchants and freelancers where you can get any issues resolved on your own. You can have a chat with their live customer support team 24/7. They will address any kind of issues related to your website.

You can drag and drop photos on the product listing. You also have options to add images along with product descriptions. Whereas it is quite tricky on other CMS platforms. There are many freelancers online who can help you set up a Shopify store within a short time. You can create any number of product listings on Shopify with unlimited bandwidth. It means there is no need to buy any additional server space.

Shopify works best with Facebook and Instagram product tagging. It lets you post content related to your merchandise on both social media platforms. If in case your business is related to fashion accessories, you should make use of Shopify and tag products on social media posts to drive traffic.


Blogger is a free blogging website. It is a free platform to share the blog. If you are someone who likes to start a blog then blogger is the platform for you. With Blogger, you can have a single page website for your business. Blogger is mostly used by personal bloggers to build their personal brand.

About user-friendliness

It will take time to get used to the blogger. You can host a website using a custom domain at free of cost. It is a completely free platform owned by Google and there is no need of buying host space. There are indeed many built-in themes on Blogger.

Despite these limitations, if you are someone who likes to experiment with a new website for the first time, this is the platform you should try to spend some time with. And it is free to launch a website of any size.


Prestashop is another popular e-commerce platform similar to Shopify. Prestashop powers over 2 million e-commerce websites in the world. It is built with PHP programming language. Prestashop also has hundreds of ready templates to choose from with a built-in website builder. Prestashop is a free open source platform that can be used on any server.

About User Friendliness

If you are planning to have an e-commerce website with a limited budget and custom features then Prestashop is the best platform to begin. You need to buy server space and SSL certificate for domain separately.


The future of marketing is all about technology. It is a must to have a website for your business. It is more like an identity on the internet.


It is clear that the majority of websites online are built on WordPress CMS and there is enough resource available on the internet as a reference, to begin with.

If you are planning to have an e-commerce website then Shopify is the most trustworthy and user-friendly CMS available.

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