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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Ubuntu

Ubuntu Server is more popular than ever, a common thought that goes into selecting a web hosting service with the Linux based server OS option is Ubuntu.

The Canonical and open supply programmers have developed the Ubuntu Server, which works with nearly any hardware or virtualization platform.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of using the Ubuntu server.

Firstly let’s know something about UbuntuAre you using Ubuntu?

Then it’s amazing. Ubuntu is completely based on the Linux operating system, which is freely accessible with each community and professional support anywhere else in the world. The Ubuntu community is constructed on the ideas enshrined within the Ubuntu Manifesto: that software ought to be accessible freed from charge, that software tools ought to be usable by individuals in their native language and despite any disabilities, which individuals should have the liberty to customize and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

Ubuntu is appropriate for each desktop and server use. the present Ubuntu release supports Intel x86 (IBM-compatible PC), AMD64 (x86-64), ARMv7, ARMv8 (ARM64), IBM POWER8/POWER9 (ppc64el), IBM Z zEC12/zEC13/z14 and IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper I+II/Emporer I+II (s390x). 

Ubuntu includes thousands of items of software, beginning with the UNIX system kernel version 5.4 and GNOME 3.28, and covering each standard desktop application from data processing and program applications to internet access applications, web server software, email software, programming languages, and tools and after all many games.Let’s focus on the Benefits of Using Ubuntu Server. 

1. Open-source

Ubuntu is an operating system and it is an open-source license based OS. this suggests that the operative system is absolved to use for anyone, and doesn’t ought to obtain a license just like the Windows operating system. additionally, everyone seems to be absolved to contribute to developing this operative system to be higher within the future. Therefore, Ubuntu Linux is one OS that will be developed into a range of different OSs in accordance with the interests or needs or philosophy of the creator of the operating system. 

2. Ubuntu is user-friendly

Many users consider Linux-based systems laborious to use and created for developers. It’s a large thought and the Ubuntu UNIX system acts as an ideal myth-buster. a bit like Windows, installing the Ubuntu Linux system is extremely straightforward and any individual with basic knowledge of computers will set up his/her system. Over the years, Canonical has improved the general desktop expertise and polished the program. amazingly, many of us even decision Ubuntu easier to use as compared to Windows. 

3. Security against Viruses

It’ll be wrong to mention that Ubuntu is 100% proof against viruses. However, as compared to Windows, which wants the use of antivirus, the malware risks related to the Ubuntu Linux system are negligible. It additionally saves you the antivirus price as a result of you don’t would like any. Its in-built Firewall and virus protection methodology makes certain that you’re protected. 

4. Improved compatibility, enclosed drivers

The new versions of Ubuntu ship with the most recent Linux kernel. this enables it to run on an additional range of older hardware likewise because of the new systems with the latest chips. Ubuntu conjointly comes with several pre-installed drivers that save time and frustration.  

5. High customization

Really I would prefer this for ‘High Customization’. The freedom to customize your system is one in every of the most important benefits that go together with a Linux-based operating system. If you don’t like all specific desktop settings, replace it with a replacement one. simply just in case you’re finding the desktop setting unpleasant, be happy to experiment with one thing new. These characteristics area unit naturally transmitted by Ubuntu Linux, creating it an excellent selection for daily use. you’ll attempt tools like Compiz and build your Ubuntu expertise a lot of appealing.

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